Bio-Blu: Biological Wastewater Recovery


Industrial Wastewater Innoculant

Bio and Ozone
Bacteria odor control
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A new and improved biological odor eliminator for recycled water that eats grease, oil, soaps and wax. A non-hazardous EPA-approved product that works with our ozone systems to provide the cleanest reuse water possible. Ozone quickly breaks down from O3 (ozone) to O2 (oxygen), essential for vigorous biological cleaning of your water.

Blu-Bio: $128.25

5-gallon pail shipped in cardboard carton

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Stenner Pump: $380.87

Complete with tubing, injector, and fittings

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  • EPA-approved
  • Non-toxic
  • Reduced sludge
  • Cleaner tunnel
  • Less soap scum
  • No odor
  • Works with ozone