UF Tubular Membrane System
$29,370 (18 membrane) | $32,500 (24 membrane)

  • Technology proven to eliminate need for discharge to sewer.
  • Self Cleaning membrane technology makes clean water from sump water.
  • Water filtered to .02 microns.
  • Perfect for all wash and pre-rinse applications.
  • Add ozone to disinfect and remove color.
  • 18 membrane averages 2200 GPD (gallons per day)
  • 24 membrane averages 3600 GPD
  • Pumping station, automated controls and stand included.

NOTE: This type membrane filter is not suitable for use with silicone product in water.  Such use requres increased cleaning and maintenance and may void membrane warranty.  We recommend the FilterJet series with the stainless steel filter element for these cases.  Detail installation drawings provided on deposit