Reverse Osmosis Systems




Reclaim provides a full line of Commercial and Industrial Reverse Osmosis systems and Reverse Osmosis supplies.

Our new Reverse Osmosis R.O. Series can handle most any commercial and industrial application including: hotel, hospital, pharmaceutical, hotel, laundry, hydroponic, aquatic and spot-free systems for car washes .

Our experienced design team is up to the challenge and can accommodate most any water filtration need.

All R.O. Series systems are quality-made in the USA and affordably priced.

Available Options:

  • RO 1: 2,200 gpd
  • RO 2: 4,400 gpd
  • RO 4: 8,600 gpd
  • RO 6: 12,800 gpd
  • RO 8: 17,200 gpd

*The gallons per day are approximate and will vary based on the quality of the feed water. Unlike some manufacturers, we show the average GPD, not the maximum possible value.

Three- to five-year financing options are available. Apply online, or call (919) 528-1787 for more information and pricing.