TVA RECLAIM 10 year update

Tennessee Valley Authority Motor Rework Facility’s reclaim system is past the 10 year mark and running strong.

Thanks to the help of Dealer Distributor, Larry Jacob, who has provided sales and service for new and used, ConServe and Reclaim model systems for over 15 years, TVA’s unit is now better than new. With Larry’s help and guidance this 10+ year old unit is still providing on demand filtered and recycled water to the pressure washing and steam cleaning stations. Besides the updates listed below, the recirculation pump was rebuilt with a new viton seal kit, the hoses and lines were replaced and a new SPC air regulator with auto purge drain was installed. Years of over-spray and grime were cleaned off and the unit is ready for your inspection below. Please call for information on our systems or how to contact experienced and knowledgeable reps like Larry Jacob.

Updates include

  • New Sta-Rite primary pump with Baldor TEFC overload protected motor
  • New Aquamatic valve rebuild kits (new kits with Teflon coated diaphragms)
  • New Sta-Rite stainless steel base ballast pressure tank (will not rust out)
  • New corona discharge ozone generator and injector (more ozone for less power)
  • New AirSep oxygen concentrator with service indicator LED (new and improved)
  • New Siemens motor contactors and overloads with surge supression

September 2012