Water Reclaim Tanks

installation oversight available


Engineered drawing
4,000-gallon RECLAIM tank with lids. Suitable for applications such as self-serve or in-bay automatic car washes, equipment wash pads or other water reclaim locations.
NOTE: Please feel free to download and use the generic drawing shown (for flow rates up to 100 gpm) or call for custom tanking options. We will design the tank to your specific requirements. Tank drawings can be sent to your local fabricator to avoid shipping costs associated with cement tanks. Custom tank drawings are included in the price of any reclaim system we sell.


  • Capacity: 4000 gallons
  • Weight approx. 40,400 lbs
  • Internal dimensions: 12′ x 6′
  • External dimensions: 13′ x 7′
  • Number of chambers: 3
  • Lids: 3 cast iron (vented) 24″ dia. with rings
  • Water Flow: perpendicular vector flow
  • Inlet hole size: 8″ for 6″ pipe
  • Transfer hole sizes: 6″ for 4″ pipe
  • Suction line holes:  two 4″ for  2″ pipe
  • Overflow to sewer:  6″ for 4″ pipe
  • ASTM C913 spec for reinforced concrete
  • Traffic rated
  • Concrete compressive strength 4000 psi min.
  • Steel reinforced for H-20 loading
  • Meets latest ACI-318 spec.


  • Custom sized risers between tank and lid
  • Please inquire as risers not included with tank
  • 30″ diameter cast iron lids and rings

Custom Configuration