Charitable Giving

Need safe drinking water for your school, church or charitable organization?  We want to help. Please contact us with your needs and we’ll do what we can to assist.

Ozone is used in the treatment and purification of drinking water. Ozone is non carcinogenic, generated from oxygen and is ten times stronger than chlorine at water disinfection. Our purifiers bubble up ozone through water  in a container of up to 500 gallons. The ozone kills waterborne pathogens and oxidizes organic chemicals in the water helping to make it safer to drink. Bubblers can be powered by 12 VDC solar panels or run from 115 or 230 VAC so please specify which one would best suit your needs. A pictorial instruction set is included with each bubbler.

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    We would like to know the latitude and longitude of the location where the ozone bubbler will be installed. If you do not know the latitude and longitude, use this tool.
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