Complete water recycling system
$775-$1104 (see pricing for details)

Auto Bypass kit includes: AutoBypass Controller, Heavy Duty Solenoid Valve, Pressure Switch, Continuous Duty Coil, Grip Tite Cable Connector, Gasket and installation instructions.


  • Kit price with 1″ valve:$775
  • Kit price with 1 1/4″ valve:$795
  • Kit price with 1 1/2″ valve: $831.00
  • Kit price with 1 3/4″ valve: $927
  • Kit price with 2″ valve:$1104


  • $4,490 K1 ozone generator and AirSep topaz oxygen concentrator
  • $6,150 K2 ozone and AirSep topaz plus oxygen concentrator
  • $970  5 HP Gould Pump upgrade



  • Input power 110 VAC
  • Input control: from pressure switch, provided
  • Cut-In pressure @ 30 PSI
  • Cut-Off pressure @ 50 PSI
  • Control current 10 amp max
  • Controls: ON / OFF switch
  • Power Indicator Green Light ON
  • Bypass Indicator RED Light ON
  • Normal Operation RED Light OFF
  • UL Approved Water-Resistant Housing
  • Solenoid Valve, Nickel-Plated Brass
  • Solenoid Valve: 110 VAC coil, rated continuous duty
  • N.O. contacts provided for external alarm or monitoring


  • Pressure Sensor monitors system pressure. When system pressure drops below 31 PSI the AUTO BYPASS controller removes the control voltage (110 VAC) from the N.O. Normally Open Solenoid Valve allowing water to flow from the City or Alternate water source. When the system pressure from the RECLAIM or Pumping station returns to 50 PSI or above (normal operating pressure is 51 – 60 PSI) the AUTO BYPASS applies the control voltage to the N.O. Valve closing it again. If power is lost the Valve reverts to the N.O. condition allowing water to flow. This is critical for weep and anti freeze systems that would otherwise be destroyed during a power outage during a freeze.


  • Inlet Y strainer for dirty city water conditions (sand or grit, in incoming water line)